Thanks for letting me know. I will wait for the August release to test.


El jue, 6 jul 2023 a las 15:13, Mark Thomas (<>) escribió:
> 6 Jul 2023 20:09:01 Daniel Andres Pelaez Lopez <>:
> > I am aware Tomcat community did a great effort to move Tomat to
> > Virtual Threads friendly, but I am not sure why HTTP2 was not part of
> > that effort?
> The plan was always to see where the bottlenecks were as folks start to
> experiment with Loom support and fix issues as they arose. It helps focus
> effort on where it is really needed.
> These fixes look fairly simple. We should be able to get them done for
> the August releases (the July releases have already been tagged). We can
> make -dev builds available earlier or you can build Tomcat from source to
> test the changes if you are interested.
> As it happens I've spent most of today looking at ThreadLocal vs
> SynchronizedStack vs new Object() in various places in the Tomcat code
> base without reaching a clear conclusion. Which kind of proves the point
> that if we guess where bottlenecks might be we'll probably be wrong.
> Mark
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