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> Bradley,
> On 8/31/2009 4:02 PM, Bradley Wagner wrote:
> > Sorry, I should have mentioned this before, but in all cases I tried the
> > thread dumps 2-3 times at least 30s apart and none of the threads have
> > progressed at all.
> I agree with Mark: the three threads you showed were different
> (different ids), and showing different call stacks. Are you saying that
> each thread dump you took represents multiple thread dumps where that
> particular thread didn't progress /at all/ over your multi-dump sample?
> You might even want to run strace to see which library function calls
> are actually completing.


The other interesting point is that all of those are hung in places where
they would naturally be allocating an object or have very recently allocated
an object, and the JVM *might* in theory be growing the heap.  Bradley, are
your initial and maximum heap sizes identical (I suspect not from your
original message)?  If not, what happens if you make them so?

- Peter

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