Iqbal, Aftab wrote:
> Dear Mark,
> thanks for your response and cooperation. For the evaluation of our research 
> work, we would like to run experiments on the last 12 months activity on 
> Tomcat project.
> I would like to have the tomcat-dev archives of last 12 months (Aug2008 - Aug 
> 2009). It would be even nicer if i can have 1 compressed file for one month 
> instead of 1 compressed file for all 12 months, if it is possible.
> regarding the bugzilla database, it is OK to get the whole dump. It would be 
> great if you upload it somewhere and let me download it from their.
> thanks for your cooperation and looking forward for your kind response.

OK. Give me a couple of days and I'll get that sorted for you.


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