On 29/03/2010 10:19, Steffen Heil wrote:
> Hi
>>> I am thinking about a strategy to iterate over all running threads and
>>> interrupt (and if absolutely necessary stop) all threads started by a
>>> certain classloader (not sure if it is possible, but I suspect so -
> might
>>> require instrumention though.)
>> Tomcat can already do this.
> Great. Where can I find the code for this and how is it enabled?
> Is there any documentation of that feature?

Look for clearReferencesXXX() methods



>> You don't want to use it though. In my testing the JVM crashed about 50%
> of the time.
> I don't understand this. It should definitely not crash. (It might (but
> should not) leak resources however...)

There is no safe way to terminate an arbitary Thread.

>> Tomcat will also tell you which threads weren't stopped along with a bunch
> of other memory leak checks.
> Where can I find this? I would be very much interested. Never seen that.
See above.


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