Hi all,

I've got Tomcat 6 running on a few separate internal dedicated test
machines in a data center, each with their own separate dedicated SQL

The servers themselves don't bat an eye for the tiny load i'm subjecting
them to.  For testing (using IE 6 or 7) I've been performing the same
action, loading a simple page that uses simple queries (packet captures
indicate that total data transferred is in the 200KB range, start to
finish), with the following results:
- on the webservers themselves, going to localhost:8754, pages take less
than 1 second, all told
- from another server in the same subnet, to tomcat via IP address to 8754,
1-2 seconds...so far, what's generally seen as normal in other environments
- from a system outside the data center (but still internal, using VPN over
dual T1's), again by IP, pages will load in ~17 seconds consistently using
two of the servers in separate subnets, and 12 seconds consistently from a
third (each server stands alone in its respective environment, hiding in
its own little VLAN)

The servers are configured similarly, as are the networks they live in.  For
a similar setup to other data centers more geographically distant, I can
usually expect to see loading times of 3-5 seconds, as opposed to the 12/17
seconds being seen in these cases.  If they were _all_ consistently 17
seconds, I'd be more inclined to point my finger firmly at the
network...that one server that's equivalent for all intents and purposes
completes the same task in 12, though, is a little strange.

The network config side of things is beyond my direct control.  There are
likely things there that can be fine-tuned by request, if I can figure out
what recommendation to make, and have evidence to support the

At this point, I'm particularly interested in whether there's anything
within my control to improve things.  The tomcat conf settings are fairly
vanilla -- are there any common things I should look at disabling or
changing which may improve things?  (Such as settings that could result in
lookups  and so on, which could slow things down notably even if they aren't
immediately apparent, given that the servers aren't under any notable load,
and so on.)

I'll happily post settings that may be of interest...I haven't done so just
yet, since I don't want to inundate you with irrelevant info.

Thank you for taking the time to throw any ideas you may have my way!


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