2010/4/15 Bill Au <bill.w...@gmail.com>:
> I am using 6.0.26.  The native library is loaded.  I am not as concern about
> SSL since most of our application don't use SSL.  I am guessing that most
> people don't use the native library.  One of my concern is stability.  With
> a smaller user community, is the native code less stable than the pure Java
> code?  Less usage could mean that there may be bugs that have not been
> shaken out yet.

At the end of the following page there is a table comparing the
feature sets provided by the different connector implementations:


The main competitors are APR connector vs. Nio connector, as both
provide multiplexing aka polling, allowing to serve more sockets than
the count of your worker threads.

The APR connector sure has a bit more longer history, dating back to TC 5.5.
The Nio connector is more modern, available since TC 6.x only, but
that is several years already.

> less stable than the pure Java code

Note, that that also depends on the JRE implementation that you would be using.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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