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On 4/15/2010 7:17 PM, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
> The main competitors are APR connector vs. Nio connector, as both
> provide multiplexing aka polling, allowing to serve more sockets than
> the count of your worker threads.
> The APR connector sure has a bit more longer history, dating back to TC 5.5.
> The Nio connector is more modern, available since TC 6.x only, but
> that is several years already.

My (as yet unpublished) performance tests show that APR and NIO offer
virtually the same performance. Make sure you set sendFile="true" if you
are doing any significant static-file serving through your Tomcat instance.

>> less stable than the pure Java code
> Note, that that also depends on the JRE implementation that you would be 
> using.


The APR code is more likely to actually crash your JVM than the
pure-Java implementation, but I haven't seen any recent complaints about
APR crashing at all.

Jeffrey is having a bear of a time getting APR working in his
environment due to a number of issues that are all piling up.

My advice: set up a testing environment where you can play and perform
load testing. Compare the performance of the NIO versus APR connectors.

- -chris
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