On 16.04.2010 11:20, Philip Wigg wrote:
Recent versions of mod_jk allow a very fine-grained response timeout
configuration, so that you can e.g. set a general response timeout to 20
seconds and a longer timeout like 60 seconds for special URLs you expect to
take longer like report generation.

The cases where you would need short timeouts are the cping/cpong and during
connection setup. For the latter there is now also a special timeout, so
that you can actually drop the socket timeout.

Have a look at:


which tries to describe the possible timepouts and their implications in
great length.

Thanks for your reply Rainer. I have had a read of that (very helpful)
document but I guess what I was wondering was if socket_timeout would
close a socket purely due to inactivity. The doc mentions timing out
on 'operations', which I would take to mean establishing a connection
or waiting for an ACK but actually it does seem to drop the connection
purely because it's inactive.

The exact behaviour of the socket_timeout is dependent on the platform and mod_jk version. It is not supposed to time out during wait for response, but I won't say it's 100% safe to rely on that.



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