Caldarale, Charles R Wrote:

>> parent=gnu.gcj.runtime.SystemClassLoader
>You need to use a real JVM (HotSpot, JRockit, IBM), not a toy one.
Remove gcj from your system as quickly as possible.

It seems like jpackage.org packages is having dependency towards gcj. Do
you know perhaps about another repertory that contains prebuilt packages
for Centos 5?

It seems strange dough, that jpackage.org should build packages that is
designed not to work on the system the packages is build for. Are you
certain that it isn't any more convenience way to do this than changing
the JVM?

Pid Wrote:

>Download a Tomcat binary from tomcat.apache.org and use that instead?

Do you mean the deployer? Or just replacing some of the files? If you
mean the deployer, could this overwrite other essential system files and
mess up the system? Do tomcat.apache.org have rpm-packages?

Sincerely David Karlsen

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