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> Caldarale, Charles R Wrote:
> >> parent=gnu.gcj.runtime.SystemClassLoader
> >You need to use a real JVM (HotSpot, JRockit, IBM), not a toy one.
> Remove gcj from your system as quickly as possible.
> It seems like jpackage.org packages is having dependency towards gcj. Do
> you know perhaps about another repertory that contains prebuilt packages
> for Centos 5?
> It seems strange dough, that jpackage.org should build packages that is
> designed not to work on the system the packages is build for. Are you
> certain that it isn't any more convenience way to do this than changing
> the JVM?
> If you read jpackage.org's mission, it is to use FOSS packages wherever
possible.  Unfortunately, this means that they prefer GCJ (a toy, as Chuck
says) over software that is available for $0 but not free-as-in-speech.
This is an ideological choice, not a technical one.

And, no, there's no more convenient way to fix this than to change the JVM
to a real one.  You don't have to use the Sun JVM; it looks like jpackage
has details for both the BEA and IBM ones.

- Peter

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