2010/6/2 Jeff Ramin <jeff.ra...@singlewire.com>:
> I've been experimenting some more, and can't seem to find a solution to my
> situation.
> Deploying an app via JMX seems to be broken.

The manager webapp uses JMX. So it should be working.

(Maybe not the methods that you are trying to use -- I do not know
which ones you are trying, but some others).

> Anybody have any ideas, or is this unworkable?

I do not know what are those "the WebModule beans" that you mentioned
and how they do work, are deployed etc.

If the only thing that you need is that the incoming requests are not
serviced but are replied with error 503 (as Tomcat 5.5 does) or error
404 (as Tomcat 6 does), you can write a Filter that replies with
response.sendError()  until it is switched into pass-through state
with a JMX call or by other means.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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