> From: Charles Van Damme [mailto:chava...@gmail.com] 
> Subject: My web application to use SSL (JSSE - RSA)

> I'm trying to get my first applic using SSL started. I read 
> therefor SSL Configuration HOW-TO n times.

Including the part about there being *two* SSL mechanisms?  Which one are you 
actually using, APR or pure Java?

> When I compile and run my 'Test1' applic inside the IDE

When diagnosing problems, simplify the environment as much as possible: get the 
IDE out of the picture.  Go ahead and build your webapp with the IDE, but run 
Tomcat separately.  IDEs have a nasty habit of using their own configurations 
for servers, ignoring what you think you've got set.

> Pls, see a copy of my 'Tomcat 7.0' output window in the attached 
> WordPad file (8-jun-2011 18:05:11 Tomcat issue.rtf).

Stripped, thankfully.  (See below about viruses.)

> Why doesn't Apache Tomcat use a usual forum application on a 
> website for all his support questions ?

Because forums are crap.

> My mailbox is getting quickly much too full ...

Learn where the delete key is.

> No provision for "Quote" neither "Code" inserts ...

Or viruses.  Messages are all in plain text.

 - Chuck

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