Charles, you are facing multiple problems here. One is with the RSA,
and the other is with starting Tomcat instances.

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 8:48 PM, Charles Van Damme <> wrote:


> At which moment does NetBeans start the Tomcat server ?
> If I operate a shutdown.bat and a startup.bat from start > Cmd , how does it
> interfere with the Tomcat server thread started up by NetBeans ?

Regardless of how you start Tomcat (batch file or within Netbeans), if
you start Tomcat with the default config and get it to bind to port
443, then the operating system will give it port 443.

If you now start another Tomcat instance, and get that too to bind to
port 443, then the OS will tell this second Tomcat that the port is
already in use.

This is why you see "Starting of Tomcat failed, the server port 443 is
already in use."

You need to run exactly one Tomcat instance on port 443 for now. As
you get more familiar with Tomcat, you'll be able to do interesting
things like work with SSL on ports other than 443 (and there by run
multiple Tomcat instances serving SSL, etc).

> Thanks.
> Chavadam

-- Sriram


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