André Warnier wrote:
Leffingwell, Jonathan R CTR FRCSE, JAX 7.2.2 wrote:
André, if you would be so kind as to let me know what you find, I would greatly appreciate it. I will watch the other thread, too. :)

Well, according to the one and the same Mark Eggers who also provided your last response, the answer seems to be a package named "mod_jk-ap20-1.2.31-1.ep5.el4.x86_64.rpm" or similar.
But it may not be located in the main RHEL6 software repository.

Addendum :
If you can wait until next Tuesday night 19/7, I will certainly know by then.
On that day, I have to go on-site precisely to install Apache/mod_jk/Tomcat onto a RHEL6 new system, and I will have access to all RHEL6 repositories, with a competent sysadmin to help me (he just does not know mod_jk).
So if it can be found, we will.

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