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Binary of for Apache 2.2.x
mod_jk under RedHat ?

Here is apparently the deal with mod_jk and Redhat (quoted from my competent 
sysadmin) :

In the RedHat product "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server" (RHELS), there is no repository containing a pre-packaged mod_jk module.

To obtain such a package, the client has to purchase the separate RedHat package "JBoss Enterprise Web Server", which contains mod_jk.

He adds (and I do not understand what that means, but someone else might):

'"JBoss Enterprise Web Server" is not a "Channel" that can be added to RHELS.'

I may comment on this later on, but for now, it seems that the alternatives for someone who for whatever reason wants/needs to stick with RHELS and the pre-packaged software that it contains, the alternatives to connect Apache and Tomcat are :
- use mod_proxy and mod_proxy_ajp
- use mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http
(which are part of Apache 2.x, which is available in RHELS)


purchase the additional RedHat product "JBoss Enterprise Web Server", in which case you can also use the included mod_jk package.

For someone who wants to stick with RHELS, does not want to buy the additional "JBoss Enterprise Web Server", but can/is allowed to install other packages, an additional possibility is to use mod_jk, after compiling it from source.

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