With Eclipselink take care it can trigger some unexpected connection if you
use without willing it lazy fetching (in a view for instance). This is an
easy way to leak :(.

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2018-02-08 11:41 GMT+01:00 cocorossello <cocorosse...@gmail.com>:

> My xmx is 11g right now, I need it this way or production environment will
> end up doing full gc. The heapdump is taken after a GC.
> I think the problem comes from eclipselink. We have some caches. Those
> caches are storing some entities which are in fact storing lazy relations.
> In case of a batchfetch (or joinfetch), eclipselink needs to store the
> original query that was performed to get the result. I guess that the
> problem comes from this, as I can see a lot of QueryBasedValueHolder
> objects....
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