UPBrandon wrote:
I have a page that uses ModalWindows and I would like to disable the
JavaScript confirmation that is displayed when you try to leave the page
while a modal window is open.  As recommended by developers here, I added
"Wicket.Window.unloadConfirmation = false;" in my page header to disable
those confirmations.  However, when the page loads, the browser gives me an
error say that Wicket.Window doesn't have any properties.  As you might
expect, the confirmation dialog is not not disabled.

Looking at the source for my page, it looks like my code, which was declared
inside of a <wicket:head> tag, is called before Wicket's modal.js.  I assume
that including modal.js before "Wicket.Window.unloadConfirmation = false"
would fix the problem but I'm not sure how to do that. Does anyone know of a
way to fix this?

You could try to add the "Wicket.Window.unloadConfirmation = false" in the a IHeaderContributor and use response.addOnDomReadyJavaScript(...).

That way the script is executed when everything is ready.



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