Looking at the abracadabra example using property file style localization
messages, http://www.wicket-library.com/wicket-examples, to wit:

confirmation.content=You are about to create user '${firstName}
${lastName}', for \
department '${department}' and user name '${userName}'. Are you sure you
want to \
do this? I mean, are you <strong>really</strong> you want to allow
'${userName}' \
on this system? If you are, please press finish to complete.

Does property variable expansion support collections?  For example:

confirmation.content=You are about to create users \
<table> \
<tr wicket:id="users"><td>'${firstName} ${lastName}'</td></tr> \
</table> \

I suspect I know the answer as the example doesn't list the roles a user was
assigned in the wizard, but thought someone might know for certain.



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