We have just started evaluating frameworks to migrate our Struts 1.x apps.
We are considering Wicket, GWT, and Spring MVC (I know, they are quite a bit
different). Having prototyped in Wicket and GWT, which do you think allows
you to write code that is easier to maintain?

There is a wiki page with sites using Wicket:

Also, the Wicket in Action forward by Jonathan Locke mentions that IBM,
TomTom, Nikon, VeriSign, Amazon, and SAS use Wicket.

Richard Allen

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> Hi Wicket users!
> At my company, we are currently evaluating technology choices for building
> web user interfaces. We narrowed our candidate list down to two remaining
> candidates: Wicket and GWT. We already did some prototyping with these
> two. Our main conclusions are
> - Wicket has the better architecture (by far).
> - GWT allows to create Web 2.0 style user interfaces with fewer effort.
> I like Wicket because of the first argument. In our team, there are some
> objections against Wicket because of the second point and because some
> developers in the team think, that Wicket has not enough community
> traction and that no serious Web 2.0 _application_ uses Wicket.
> Can you help me to invalidate these objections and to convince my team of
> Wicket?
> - Which Wicket success stories do you know of?
> - Are there examples for serious Wicket applications?
> - How can I prove that there is community traction for Wicket?
> - Are there examples of a GWT style Wicket usage, that means lot of Web
> 2.0 user interface features realized with Wicket?
> Regards,
> Christoph

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