MetaDataRoleAuthorizationStrategy.authorize(link3, Component.ENABLE, "ADMIN");


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From: Arie Fishler [] 
Sent: 18. joulukuuta 2008 16:08
Subject: Assigning an Action to an onClick handler

We are using the AnnotationsRoleAuthorizationStrategy class and place
@AuthorizeInstantiation("ROLE_USER") on restricted Wicket pages.

We need finer-grained authorisation control - we have a class that has 3
AjaxLinks each with their own onClick() handler.  2 of the onClick()
handlers are accessible to everyone but 1 requires an authorised user.  We
have seen it's possible to define a
*org.apache.wicket.authorization.Action*class and allocate it to a
given role BUT how do we associate the given
*Action *to the given onClick() handler?

Many thanks

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