I still have the same problem and as the project where it occurred is "on ice" I left it for what is is. I haven't even filed a JIRA, but please go ahead and do so since it still doesn't work in wicket-1.4-SNAPSHOT.


metalotus wrote:
I have the same issue. Some places in my application, adding
AjaxFormChoiceComponentUpdatingBehavior to a RadioChoice simply does not
work under IE7. The ajax response is invoked, but the browser does not
actually select the new radio button.

For example, in one place I have such behavior and it works fine, in another
it does not work under IE7 only. I noticed the POST looks different. Here is
a comparison of the POST:

POST from a place where it works:



POST from a place where it is broken:


On, the "not working post", why does it not look more similar to the working
post, such as:




My guess is this that when there are nested form elements, the POST is
different, and that breaks under IE7.

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