That's where I got my code..

I'm hitting 2 issues

1) The ssl detection/redirect isn't happening till the end of the chain and 
when it redirects it redirects back to the top.
        Ie. Page 1 is not secure, Page 2 is secure. Page one redirects to Page 
      If you go to page 1 then it attempts to redirect to page2 and then wicket 
redirects to Page 1 with https..
      I would prefer to go directly to Page 2, but I can't figure out how to 
build that url..
2) My other issues is this:
     else if (requestTarget instanceof IPageRequestTarget) {
                                targetClass = ((IPageRequestTarget) 
     This means that if you redirect to a Page object which you have 
constructed with special state, then this throws that object away and wicket 
will use default constructor.

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maybe this is of use:

Ryan Gravener |

On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 10:48 AM, Douglas Ferguson <> wrote:

> I'm implement an SSL scheme using annotations and I'm having some issues
> with redirecting properly.
> The issue is when I have non-secured page that redirects to a secured page.
> I'm doing the https/http redirecting inside of a WebRequestCycleProcessor,
> which works well unless there is a redirect prior to the ssl redirect. If
> this happens then I redirect back to the top of the chain, because I'm using
> the HttpServletRequest to build the url, which returns url info based on the
> orginal request. I've been looking all around and I can't find any way of
> building a url that represents the last redirect. I've tried
> Application.get().getRequestCycleProcessor().getRequestCodingStrategy().pathForTarget(requestTarget);
> and
> RequestCycle.get().urlFor(requestTarget)
> Here's my current impl for The RequestCycleProcessor.
>        WebRequest webRequest = (WebRequest) requestCycle .getRequest();
>        WebResponse webResponse = (WebResponse) requestCycle .getResponse();
>        HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest =
> webRequest.getHttpServletRequest();
>                StringBuffer url = new StringBuffer(protocol);
>                url.append(httpServletRequest.getServerName());
>                if(defaultPort != port){
>                        url.append(":" + port);
>                }
>  url.append(webRequest.getHttpServletRequest().getContextPath());
>                url.append(webRequest.getServletPath());
>                String queryString =
> webRequest.getHttpServletRequest().getQueryString();
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