its a matter of building a simple cache. all  you need is a servlet
that can check if the image is on disk and if not download it, then
serve it from there

mount the servlet on /external and rewrite your urls to be

there are probably already things like this for apache, you just have
to rewrite the url so it passes through your site and doesnt go
directly to the external one.


On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 1:57 PM, Jim Pinkham<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable on the main page of my Wicket
> app with an image column like this:
>        columns.add(new ImagePropertyColumn(new ResourceModel("imageURL"),
> "imageURL"));
> My item model has an imageURL string property backed by a database
> column, and it pretty much works OK.
> I don't need to store any images, bandwidth is low, and it's simple,
> but I have seen some users enter URLs to huge TIFF images that are not
> properly sized, and it makes my page display take forever.   I'd like
> to try to fix or prevent this.
> I had a few ideas:
> 1. a note on the item entry page asking users to 'please don't do that'.   :)
> 2. add an ImageURLValidator to check the image size.... somehow... hmmm...
> 3. find some utility to help read the image, properly size it, and
> store a local copy with my own id (filesystem should work fine)
> and let my model's imageURL property point to it.
> I'm trying to write this so it could scale up a bit without getting
> crazy - This app lists items for a charity fundraising auction event,
> so access is light for several weeks, then peaks at about 300 hits per
> day (I know, not much) for a few days.  But on those peak days, I'd
> like it to be fast (despite the decrepit old server it's running on).
> I've got about 300 items to show on a single page (users prefer a
> simple scrollbar without pagination).   Also, I should mention that I
> have a search form that 'decorates' the matching text as it filters
> rows, and I'd like to make it fast enough to take away the search
> button and just ajax refresh on keypresses.
> Thanks for any suggestions, links to examples ...etc.
> -- Jim.
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