Also I have a problem like yours.

Servlet session and Wicket's session are different so you are getting nul.
Just debug your application and you will see that they have different
session Id's.

I tried to use WicketSessionFilter but it doesn't work.

I am using wicket 1.3.5.



2009/6/23 danisevsky <>

> hello, I am using MyMultiFileUploadServlet for uploading files and in some
> wicket component I need find out how many files was uploaded.
> I was trying to set this number to the HttpSession in
> MyMultiFileUploadServlet and get it in the component:
>                    HttpSession httpSession = ((WebRequest)
> getRequest()).getHttpServletRequest()
>                            .getSession();
> String count = httpSession
>                            .getAttribute("filesCount");
> but count is always null. Is there any way how to get some data from
> servlet? Thanks


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