I plan to keep my java and html files next to each other, I was just curious
as to why this specific peace of code which is the 'wicket in action' way to
load resources didn't work. my guess was that's there's something wrong with
the path, however i'm not sure why.

my project directory structure looks like this:

|  |
|  |-java
|  |  |
|  |  |-domain
|  |  |-persistence
|  |  |-services
|  |  `-web (this is where the wicket classes reside)
|  |
|  |-resources (this is where i put my html/properties files in this
|  `-webapp

I surely thought about separating the wicket classes using packages, i
wanted to make sure that this was the best practice. is it? 

I also don't understand why the wicket quickstart project contains a
resources folder if wicket's default is to keep resources next to the java
classes. is it just to separate them at development time and then combine
them at build time?

note: sorry for sending an email, i didn't mean to.

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