I am using a wicket tree component in the left column of a table and a panel 
(here in details are replaced as you select the nodes of the tree) in the right 

One of the displayed panels is the TabbedPanel. In one TabPanel, I have a 
DropDownChoice box that makes a Form visible on selecting a choice.

The problem arises when you select another node of the tree; the Right hand 
side panel is replaced by the desired panel but some components of the TabPanel 
(of the previously selected node) remain visible down under, like 
DropDownChoice box and Form. The undesired components belong to the last 
selected tab of the TabbedPanel

How can I ensure that no components from the previous selected node remain 
visible pertaining to the last selected Tab of the TabbedPanel.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Raj Kaushik

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