I've a problem where I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I
have a page which holds a form, an ajaxsubmitlink, and a panel containing
formcomponents. The panel also holds two other panels, where one of the
panels holds a refreshingview to which the user can add items, using a
textfield in the same panel. Is there a way to add a validator to the panel
or refreshingview that in the validate phase can check that the user has
added atleast one item to the refreshingview?

I can make this check in the onSubmit function of the ajaxsubmitlink in the
page, but that causes problems in the second nested panel when the user has
failed to add an item. The submit then won't result in any database
activity and I've read somewhere that Wicket clones the modelobject on a
submit. This causes values entered in the second nested panel to disappear.

I hope someone can provide me with some help, thanks.


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