I've got a problem that I hope someone can help me with and point me in 
the right direction. Is there a way in the validation phase to validate 
that a refreshingview contain items?

My scenario:

I've got a page that holds a form, an ajaxsubmitlink and a panel. The 
panel in turn has some input controls plus two other panels. The first 
nested panel holds a refreshingview where the user can add items using a 
textfield (in the same panel). I need to validate that the user has added 
atleast one item to the refreshingview, is there a way I can do that? I 
could use the ajaxsubmitlink's onSubmit function in the page, but that 
will cause problems in the second nested panel if the validation fails 
since no database activity will then take place and as I've read somewhere 
because Wicket clones the modelobject in submits. So that would mean 
anything entered in the second nested panel will be lost.


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