I am not aware that Wicket has direct support for this kind of (mis-)behavior. You can, however employ some kind of cheating here. if you set the http headers to no-cache with the help of a servlet filter, the browser will not allow the page to be copy-pasted from local cache, and will re-request the page. if you include a (crypted) counter as one of the page parameters, you can easily check if this page was already served (if the counter is lower or equal than the last served url) and redirect to an error page accordingly.

to fully disable the browser-cache use:
response.addHeader(“Pragma”, “no-cache”);
response.addHeader(“Cache-Control”, “no-cache”);
response.addHeader(“Cache-Control”, “must-revalidate”);
response.addHeader(“Expires”, “Mon, 8 Aug 2006 10:00:00 GMT”); // some date in the past

The users don't want this behavior. Could I make it work in such a way
that I copy http://localhost/wicket:inteface=1, when i try to copy and
paste it, it will redirect me to an error page? This happens even
after the user has already logged in. Really need help on this

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