Hi Paul,

What I would do would be to find a javascript implementation that does what you want and then have the selection events fill in a hidden field which will then be available on the server side when the form is posted. This would be similar to how the Palette works in wicket-extensions

You then define a custom IConverter to convert the string input from the hidden field into the IModel<List<Leaf>> or IModel<List<Node>> or what ever makes sense for your model..

There is probably something in wicket-stuff already but here is a link to a jquery plugin for a tree table:



I would like show a treeview like the following,

 |    |----leave 1.1
 |    |----leave 1.2
 |-----leave 0. 1
 |-----leave 0.2

This view should also allow a user to select multiple leave nodes (think of
selecting multiple catagories to charaterized a product).

I checked the TreeView/TreeTable components in Wicket-Ext and found that
they need to communicate with the sever-side every time a node is expanded
or collapsed. This is a waste of bandwidth in my case, as my tree model
never changes. Any suggestion on how I should implement a "fixed" treeview
on the client side, and only pass data to the server after the user clicks a
submit button?

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