Take a look at Alastair's  presenttaion called something like "A Drag And
Drop List Editor" [1] and the accompanying source code.

I don't think we have a tree publicly available yet in WiQuery [2] but for
sure you should get some good ideas there even if you don't want to use it.

Regards - Cemal
OO & Java Technologies, Wicket Training and Development


PaulH98 wrote:
> Michael O'Cleirigh wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> What I would do would be to find a javascript implementation that does 
>> what you want and then have the selection events fill in a hidden field 
>> which will then be available on the server side when the form is 
>> posted.   This would be similar to how the Palette works in 
>> wicket-extensions
>> You then define a custom IConverter to convert the string input from the 
>> hidden field into the IModel<List<Leaf>> or IModel<List<Node>> or what 
>> ever makes sense for your model..
>> There is probably something in wicket-stuff already but here is a link 
>> to a jquery plugin for a tree table:
>> Regards,
>> Mike
> Thanks Mike... Is there any document on how to write such a component like
> Palette that communicates with javascript? I just skipped through the
> Palette java an js source code and found they are kind of hard to
> understand. "Wicket in Action" does not seem to cover this topic either.

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