I have an AutoCompleteTextField with a POJO model; I override getConverter() to 
return a converter that looks up the field value in the same list that 
getChoices() uses for filtering. Which works fine if you actually put something 
into the field that matches.

However, if you type a non-mathing value, the converter returns null; this is 
AFAICS the correct way to deal with  failed conversion, and I expected a 
validation message to that effect. However, instead the null value is accepted, 
and even though the field is declared to be required, the form is submitted, 
and when re-rendered the field is of course blank due to the null model value.

Any ideas? Problem occurred in 1.4.0 and 1.4.2 (noticed I was using an old 
version and upgraded, but same behavior). Would it be better to use the 
TextField/AutoCompleteBehavior combo manually? Or should the converter be 
returned by the ConverterLocator instead?

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