Olivier Bourgeois wrote:
I'm using BG translations for my app, but not the Wicket default ones, and I
am using a mix of UTF-8 properties files and XML files. I just had a look
with wicket 1.4.2 and the BG translations are broken : I think something
went wrong with the native2ascii transformation.

If you look at the history of the Wicket BG translation file, it used to be
in UTF-8, but because Java properties does not hold UTF-8 it has been
encoded in ASCII. Now that Wicket 1.4.x can work with XML properties. I
think this file should be in XML, like RU file is today.
Yes - our BG translations from our property files also work fine - it is just the wicket standard messages. Ok, I will try to get the old translations back and encode them properly. It seems they are wrong since may 2006 :( Or is it really preferred to store them in XML? Currently russian is the only one in XML.

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