Hi all
My IDataSource delivers LDM models that uses the ReuseIfModelsEqualStrategy to my data grid and does it well when I enter the page containing the grid or when switching between pages in my grid. It also does a good job if I edit one of the rows in the grid, by only updating that specific row.

But when I resort the grid by clicking one of the column headers, something strange happens. First all items on the current grid page (1-13 out of 25) are retrieved through the data source as LDMs. Then the last item is loaded again through its own LDM.load() method.

This behavior starts when I display 13 rows/page.
With 13 rows, the last item are loaded an extra time.
With 14 rows, the last 3.
With 15 rows, the last 5.
With 30 rows, all of the displayed rows, as all entities fit on the same page.

Someone with a clue to whats going on?


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