On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 09:15:35AM +0200, Ceki Gulcu wrote:
> Hi John,
> Thank you for your answer. I was already aware of the idiomatic way for  
> referencing packaged resources. It is a nice way for bundling images 
> which are used within a package. My question was about images shared 
> among multiple packages.

Not sure what you mean. The Image/ResourceReference solution works fine across
packages and even across modules, e.g. your images could be part of a shared
library and used by a component in your application.

> Of course the interesting part is that the "help.gif" file is located as 
> a resource of my web-app and *not* part of WEB-INF/lib or 
> WEB-INF/classes.

Ah, I see, you want to put it there. Is there a technical reason for this or is
it just a preference? Seems to me to be a lot less flexible than simply letting
your images live on the classpath, since you lose the ability to later package
the images in a shared JAR.


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