urlFor( ) uses the current request to get a relative path. If the location you are calling urlFor() from changes, it will get a new location....

Note the only difference between the two urls is the ../../.. prefix

On Oct 27, 2009, at 11:05 AM, pieter claassen wrote:

WHen I start my application, my urlFor() returns a different URL than when I
call it a second time?

       ResourceReference iconref = new ResourceReference(anchorclass,
       System.out.println("URL: "+urlFor(iconref));

First time it returns:
../../../resources/ com.musmato.wicket.pages.styles.option1.Option1StyleAnchor/ document.png

second time:
resources/com.musmato.wicket.pages.styles.option1.Option1StyleAnchor/ document.png

Any ideas?


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