In your application:

    public RequestCycle newRequestCycle(Request request, Response response)
        return new WebRequestCycle(this, (WebRequest) request, response) {
            public Page onRuntimeException(Page page, RuntimeException e) {
                return super.onRuntimeException(page, e);

Jeremy Thomerson

2009/11/15 Wojtek <>

> Hi there,
> I'd like to find out how the development mechanism of exception handling
> works.
> It displays  stacktrace from exception thrown, so it means it has access to
> the Exception object.
> I would like to implement similar feature, to display at least the message
> from the exception to the end user.
> Could you tell me how to do it or point the name of class shown where the
> exception is thrown in development mode?
> BTW. I know how to set internal exception page :)
> Regards,
> Wojtek
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