For starters, I'd try to eliminate possible causes. E.g. make sure the model
change is seen from QuestionEditPanel. A way to do this is either run your
app in a debugger and set some checkpoints around onRender and/or
onBeforeRender, or simply override onBeforeRender() and log the model

Since we don't see what kind of model your templatewebmodel is, it could
also be that this class is caching its value.


Pieter Claassen wrote:
> Can anybody please enlighten me why this doesn't work (ok end of the day,
> maybe it really is something small). I am clearly changing the underlying
> model data, but how to tell questionEditPanel to pick that change up. I
> tried setDefaultModel(new TemplateWebModel(template)),
> templateEditPanel.modelChanged() and nothing works.  Any tips appreciated.

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