After some thought I have a better description of what I am trying to do:

- I would like to have a stateless page that is always accessed via a
bookmarkable link.
- This page has an iframe whose content is backed by a stateful page
that is altered via ajax links.
- When the parent page is refreshed via the bookmarkable link I would
like the state in the iframe to persist (eg the iframe content is
rendered exactly as it was left before the refresh).

The question boils down to how to generate a link to the stateful page
that always points to the latest version of the page. The link can
change from render to render as long as the link can be generated
statelessly (because the containing page is stateless).

In case anyone is curious the real use case is a dynamically generated
javascript file that writes the iframe and other features into any
host page (similar to or

Any hints on how to go about this are appreciated.


On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Ryan Crumley <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have an unusual requirement for a stateful page that can be accessed
> via a static url. To state it another way I would like the same url to
> always shows the latest state of a page for that session. For example:
> Operations:
> 1. Initial Render. url = http://ABC/XYZ
> 2. User changes the page state using links & ajax operations
> 3. User returns to url = http://ABC/XYZ and the operations from step
> #2 are present from the same url visited in step #1.
> I tried modifying my page so that it was not versioned and hardcoding
> the numeric id to 0. This works for the first render but the changes
> made to the page on the first render are not reflected when that same
> url is refreshed. Here is the snippet of code I am using to generate
> the "static" url:
> PageMap pageMap = PageMap.forName("myMapName");
> Page page = pageMap.get(0, -1);
> if(page == null) {
>        page = new MyPage(pageMap);
> }
> return getRequestCycle().urlFor(page).toString();
> Seems like there is an elegant way to do this, any pointers? I am
> using Wicket 1.3.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ryan

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