My application is a single-page multiple-panel (heavy AJAX) webapp
(except the login page).

Part of page is almost constant, is expensive to instantiate/refresh
and cannot be (always) refreshed (having embedded Flash player).

Rest of page is a panel and is populated succesively with
'addOrReplace(somePanel)' according to UI/user actions.

What I want to achieve (after login) is
something like 'panel mounting', that is: => 
    instantiate MyPage and set as content-panel new HomePanel()

Typing 'whoknows' in search field and clicking 'Search' button:    
    action: just set as content-panel new SearchPanel("whoknows")
Clicking artist Hendrix in search panel:
    URL: =>
    action: just set as content-panel new ArtistPanel(123456789)
so that can navigate using browser's back/forth.

How this can be done?
Thanks in advance,


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