On Thursday 14 January 2010 00:12:41 Alexander Elsholz wrote:
> in my last wicket projects i used wicket-auth roles and swarm/wasp. i think
> swarm/wasp is a really good base for larger web-applications. but we all
>  know about the problem with swarm/wasp. i developed a few extensions for
>  swarm, but its a lot of code and so nobody starts to maintain and whats
>  more important to develop. so wasp swarm stops on wicket 1.3.

Wicket-security certainly does not stop at wicket 1.3. A snapshot for wicket 
1.4 is available and working. I am thinking about moving wicket-security under 
the WicketStuff Core project, but it is also possible that wicket-security 
will get it's own release cycle.

> there was plans to integrate wicket-security in 1.5. @wicket developers: is
>  this still relevant?

I don't know about these plans, but it is possible that this has been 

> i think we will not find one person who develops wicket-security allone -
>  so who's interested?
> its not the part brings the most fun in wicket development area but a very
>  very important part of every enterprise application - so contribute! lets
>  define a security-subteam.

Well, actually, I recently volunteered to maintain wicket-security. I must 
admit that my time is somewhat limited, but I think wicket-security is too 
important to leave it unmaintained. At Topicus, we still heavily depend on it 
for old, current and new projects. Suggestions (and patches) are always 

My short-term plans are to release a stable wicket-1.4 version, so you no 
longer need to depend on a SNAPSHOT. This week, a new version for wicket-1.3 
(wicket-security-1.3.1) was released, incorporation many fixes made by Maurice 
just before his accident and some minor new features. Work on a wicket-1.5 
version has not yet started.

Best regards,
Emond Papegaaij

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