Hi all,

just a question to url encryption.

I added following section to my application class 

     * @see
    protected IRequestCycleProcessor newRequestCycleProcessor() {
        return new WebRequestCycleProcessor() {
            protected IRequestCodingStrategy newRequestCodingStrategy()
                return new CryptedUrlWebRequestCodingStrategy(new

And implemented ICryptFactory like this

      this.getSecuritySettings().setCryptFactory(new ICryptFactory() {

                public ICrypt newCrypt() {
                    return new AbstractCrypt() {

                        protected byte[] crypt(final byte[] input, final
int mode) throws GeneralSecurityException {

Urls are now crypted if using links. But if I use setResponsePage the
url is in clearText.
Am I missing something or why aren't they crypted?

Greets Chris

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