Have a look at DropDownChoice.setNullValid() and .setRequired()


On 2010-03-18 14:26, David Chang wrote:
Hi, I am new in Wicket and am playing with different components.

I have a two dropdown lists. One is a list of countries, required field, 
controlling another list of states/provinces via 

The country list always has a blank (equivalent of "Choose one") as the first 
option in the list. When I select different countries, the state/province list changes 
accordingly. However, when I change to the blank in the country list, the state list 
stops updating. I looked into it and found out that in this situation (required droopdown 
list) selecting blank makes Wicket issue a feedback message instead of calling 
AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior#onUpdate, which is what I want.

What can I do to make Wicket the way I want?


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