Perhaps put logic in onsubmit to check for required country?

On Mar 18, 2010 6:45 PM, "David Chang" <> wrote:

Martin, the following is the code for the country dropdown list, which can
control the state dropdown list. The problem is that when the country list's
value is switched to "null" from a selected country (say, USA), then the
state dropdown list does not update. In addition, Wicket in the backend has
the following message. Another puzzling thing to me is that my FeedbackPanel
is there as defined below.

------- message --------

18:38:20,890  WARN WebSession:193 - Component-targetted feedback message was
left unrendered. This could be because you
are missing a FeedbackPanel on the page.  Message: [FeedbackMessage message
= "Field 'Country' is required.", reporter =
 country, level = ERROR]

------- dropdown list code -------

List<Country> countryList = objectService.findAllCountries();
DropDownChoice countryDDC = new DropDownChoice("country",
               new ChoiceRenderer("name", "id") );
countryDDC.add(new AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior("onchange") {

       protected void onUpdate(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
               if (target != null) {
               MyUser u = f.getModelObject();
               DropDownChoice stateDDC = (DropDownChoice) f.get("state");

f.add(new FormComponentFeedbackBorder("borderCountry").add(countryDDC));

------ FeedbackPanel code --------

add(new FeedbackPanel("feedbackHolder") {
       public boolean isVisible() {
               return true;//anyMessage();

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