Again topic with submiting form via ajax with FileUpload inside. Im submiting form via AjaxButton.
For testing my panel im using:
wicketTester.executeAjaxEvent(butooon, "onclick") - i want to test some logic in onSubmit() and i get ServletRequest does not contain multipart content. One possible solution is to explicitly call Form.setMultipart(true), Wicket tries its best to auto-detect multipart forms but there are certain situation where it cannot.

executeAjaxEvent method does not check if form is multiPart. To workaround this problem before executeAjaxEvent we can execute: MockHttpServletRequest servletRequest = wicketTester.getServletRequest();
But its annoying to set this flag again and again. Could you extend executeAjaxEvent to check if form is multiPart ? Similar checking is already done in FormTester.onSubmit().
Can i create jirra issue ?

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