Could you elaborate on why adding components in onBeforeRender is "safe" and
a "wicket good practice"? I haven't come across this very often in my
projects. Under what circumstances would you recommend this approach?

josephpachod wrote:
> hi
> The other day, I was busy creating reusable components. To make them
> "safe", I used what I believe is a wicket good practices: adding the
> components in onBeforeRender.
> In fact, it's not just in onBeforeRender, it's rather :
>         @Override
>         protected void onBeforeRender() {
>             if(!hasBeenRendered()){
>                 // actual code
>             }
>             super.onBeforeRender();
>         }
> having done this stuff repeatedly, I felt a bit annoyed but these many   "
> if(!hasBeenRendered())" and the brackets/indentations it brings. 
> Furthermore, on the few occasions I really needed something done on each
> onBeforeRender, it brought clutter to the code.
> Last but not least, recently, I was helping a wicket beginner and
> explaining this "onBeforeRender/if(!hasBeenRendered)" wasn't the best
> moment I had.
> As such, I started to wonder if a simple "onInitialRender" method (or
> similarly named) could be created ? It would run once and only once before
> the first onBeforeRender. 
> onBeforeRender would then return to what it should really mean (but still
> have this handy hasBeenRendered() method just in case). 
> In the end, it's trivial but would save a few keystrokes and bring some
> clarity.
> What do you think of that ?
> thanks in advance
> joseph

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