I had the same problem you do. Solved it by doing

lstNationality.setDefaultModel(new PropertyModel<Nationality>(getDefaultModel(), "nationality"));

but I bet you that Igor is gonna jump right in an say how its supposed to be done and why.


On 2010-04-28 16:20, Josh Kamau wrote:
Hi team

I need your help

I am using a DropDownChoice<T>  in a form as follows:

DropDownChoice<Nationality>  lstNationality = new

  The form has a CompoundPropertyModel

After adding the dropdown to the form, i am able to save the record
properly. However, when i display a  form with an existing record,

the DropDownChoice is not showing the current 'nationality' and it is only
showing "Choose One";

When i replace is with a textfield, the correct record is displayed. Is
where could i be going wrong?


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