Wilhelmsen Tor Iver wrote:
I've recently been wondering about the following use case: an instance
of Foo class, used as a detached value object, is edited in a
FooEditPage. For some reasons, let's say this page then needs to launch
dialogs spanning over different pages. Each of these pages could then
change some fields of the VO being passed around.

Sharing between pages is easier done by placing it in the Session which is 
accessible from all of them.

- Tor Iver
Thanks for the answer.

However, Mauro put forward some of the issues it raised, the one with 2 browser windows.

I would add as well that would have to care about the cleanup of this stuff, because having it session's scoped would be enough IMHO (if the user is editing heavily), it would have to be linked to the action completeness. Then, putting the VO directly in the Session spoils the memory consumption, so you would probably, on top of that, want to put it in some dedicated datastore.

In the end, I feel it to be quite error prone. Did you try it already ? I would welcome some feedback :$



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