Mauro Ciancio wrote:

On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 7:43 PM, Joseph Pachod
<> wrote:
I've recently been wondering about the following use case: an instance of Foo 
used as a detached value object, is edited in a FooEditPage. For some reasons, 
say this page then needs to launch dialogs spanning over different pages. Each 
these pages could then change some fields of the VO being passed around.

  Have you taken a look to wicket-wizards?
not yet ;)

I thought this wizard widget wouldn't spread on multiple pages. I'll look closer then :)
in fact, I mainly wonder about the pages' serialization... are there some 
pitfalls to avoid ?

  If you have to track the object's state through several pages,
you'll need a serializable
object, because reloading it using a LDM in every request will throw
away all the changes
made before.
  So, your Foo must implement Serializable, or you could create some
proxy object that
tracks the changes and when the user finish the editing process, apply
the changes to
the real model object.
yep, for sure the VO is Serializable.

But is there any "dragon lurking" there, with some return page de serialized instance's references pointing to some other reference that the one behind the current model being given around ?

thanks a lot !


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