I just setup my production environment for a wicket-based application today and 
I am having a problem with "Page Expired" messages. I have three servers that 
are not clustered together, but rather are configured with Apache's 
proxy_balancer to use sticky sessions (with failover turned off.) The homepage 
always loads, but a high percentage of the time when I enter the second page of 
my application I receive a "Page Expired" page - clicking on that takes me back 
to the home page and then the application works.

My guess is that when the homepage is loaded that Wicket provides a new 
jsessionid (I sometimes see it coming in the submission url) but then the user 
is directed to another server on the next request, and because the user does 
yet have a JSESSIONID cookie, but does have the jsessionid in the URL, the 
Wicket instance that receives the request searches and cannot find the session 
id and marks the page as expired. The next request then populates the browser's 
cookie and the sticky session works.This is just a theory, but it would explain 
the behavior.

I thought I handled this case in the proxy_balancer configuration with an entry 
like the following:

ProxyPass / balancer://mycluster/ stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid 

Where JSESSIONID|jsessionid covers the cookie and encoded path, respectively, 
and the nofailover=On tells Apache to not to try to fail a user's session over 
to antoher server.

Has anyone faced this problem? Any ideas on how to resolve it? And we're going 
to start allow production load very shortly, so any insight would be much 



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